About DiiVA

Leading consumer electronics and home appliance manufacturers have joined together to form the Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio™ (DiiVA™) with the mission to build the next-generation, global, interactive consumer electronics and home networking standard.

DiiVA technology combines a reliable high-speed, bi-directional data channel in addition to an uncompressed video and audio channel over a single interface to allow users to connect, configure and control various home CE devices from their Digital TVs.

As consumers increasingly use more electronic entertainment devices and digital home appliances, the DiiVA interface will streamline and simplify the connections between the technology in the home, offering ease-of-connection and use while maximizing consumers' entertainment experience.


The DiiVA Consortium's charter members (called the Promoters Group) include major CE and home appliance manufacturers Changhong, Haier, Hisense, Konka, LG, Panda, Samsung, Skyworth, Sony Corporation, SVA, Synerchip and TCL.

Changhong Haier Hisense
Konka LG Panda
Samsung Skyworth Sony
SVA Synerchip TCL


Comprised of global consumer electronics, test equipment, and component and services vendors BOE, Elka, Foxconn, FPDI, Himax, Hosiden, JAE, MediaTek, Nikon, OriseTech, Panasonic, Sharp, Tektronix, Toshiba, Wanlida (Malata), XOCECO (PRIMA), Yazaki and Zinwell DiiVA’s contributor group provides technical guidance and review of the DiiVA specification development process.

BOE Elka Foxconn
Himax Hosiden
JAE Malata MediaTek
Nikon OrisePanasonic

List Of Adopters