Policies & Procedures

Testing and access to the DiiVA Compliance Test Specification (CTS) is available to all licensed DiiVA Adopters.

  Please follow these steps to submit your product for testing:

  1. Download and complete the ATC Compliance Testing Services Application. Please refer to the Price List when choosing the appropriate test(s) for your product.
  2. Email the completed Application and the Device Capabilities Report (DCR) for your product to the ATC along with your desired test start date. (Information regarding generating a DCR can be found in the DiiVA CTS)
  3. Arrange for payment with the ATC prior to the commencement of testing.
  4. Upon completion of testing, you will receive your test results. A Test Completion Certificate will be issued for each product that successfully completes DiiVA ATC testing. Products that do not pass testing may be corrected and resubmitted for testing.
  5. Please see the DiiVA Compliance Testing Policies and Procedures document for more detailed info regarding DiiVA testing.

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